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A Sonarr container, brought to you by LinuxServer.io.

2,006,546,514 1,422 amd64 arm64 arm

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Docker Hub linuxserver/sonarr
Build Time 21 Sep 2021 13:52:02
Base Image lsiobase/mono:lts
Category Media
Synchronised Yes
Stable Yes
Deprecated No

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Branch Version Built
latest version- 21 Sep 2021 at 13:51:53
develop develop-version- 21 Sep 2021 at 13:51:12

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Running this as a container

Basic examples for getting this image running as a container

Docker Compose

version: "2"
    image: linuxserver/sonarr:version-
    container_name: sonarr
    restart: unless-stopped
      - TZ=Europe/London # Specify a timezone to use
      - PUID=1000 # User ID to run as
      - PGID=1000 # Group ID to run as
      - /host/path/to/data:/data # Location of all your media
      - /host/path/to/config:/config # Contains all relevant configuration files.
      - 8989:8989/tcp # Web UI


docker create \
  --name=sonarr \
  -e TZ=Europe/London `# Specify a timezone to use` \
  -e PUID=1000 `# User ID to run as` \
  -e PGID=1000 `# Group ID to run as` \
  -v /host/path/to/data:/data `# Location of all your media` \
  -v /host/path/to/config:/config `# Contains all relevant configuration files.` \
  -p 8989:8989/tcp `# Web UI` \
  --restart unless-stopped \